The Routine – Last spring you reached your goal weight (or kinda close to it) and celebrated by painting the town red all dressed up for the first time in years. Then work got stressful, you had trouble finding time to work out, everything in life was making it difficult to stick to your diet routine, then your last  vacation had a round-the-clock all-you-can-eat buffet (gotta love Vegas baby). Now, after months of not so great behavior, you step on the scale and you realize there’s no way you’re going to fit into the outfit you bought for your friend’s wedding in a couple of months unless you start dieting… yet again.


 We’re betting that this scenario sounds all too familiar. Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling, as the experts tend to call it (we call it the worm hole, the loop, diet hell) — whatever it is, is practically a national pastime at this point for several millions. But us, we are done with it. We are ending that vicious cycle in favor of a lifestyle change. Better decisions for better health made in a way that can be maintained with nothing more than a little self-control and determination.  This isn’t a super restrictive get slim quick blog so if you’re looking for that keep surfing. If you are looking for Doctor spun babble keep scrolling just us real life slave to the office cubicle drones here. If you are looking for before and after photos of obese people turning into bodybuilders keep on moving because you won’t find that here either. What you will find is a handful of chubby people slowly turning into not so chubby people at your service!

This is actually simple. It’s hey let’s not eat crap all the time and consider moving off our backsides more than once every four hours.

Simple genius and real results from real people.


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