Salad Sorrow

Matt HeadSo… my coworkers and I were offered a free lunch, taste testing kind of thing today in the office.  Our company is looking at changing the food vendor we have supplying the break-room, so we had a new company come in a drop off a bunch of samples. I was hoping that they had salads and as luck would have it they did.  Everything looked really good and much better quality than some of the food we have from our current vendor.  Plus this new company guarantees all items are $3.00 or less (our current food vendor has prices up to $4.00).  The only thing that my boss asked was for us to e-mail her with what we bought and what we thought of it.

I got this Southwest Chicken Salad with Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, fire roasted bonuscorn, black beans and tortilla strips.  Then it also had a jalapeno ranch dressing.  YUM YUM so far right? It comes with a fork too.  *BONUS* and cool points.

In my review of the item I mentioned what I purchased, followed by this:

“The selection, displayed in the conference room, looked very appealing and fresh.  The fruit being packaged to reduce “hands on” was a good idea.  Once I opened my salad though, it was a different story and this adventure starts sliding downhill. A good portion of the lettuce was the tough stem part of the leaf and was well on its way to turning brown.  The expiration date was 01/30/15 and today is 01/22/2015.  This date is more than a week away and I don’t see this salad (or any salad to be honest) making it that far. Sliced veggies are not the sort of things that keep for over a week. (The saran wrap and refrigerator are helpful but they are not time machines). The chicken had good flavor, it was tender, but the texture was off.  The Jalapeno Ranch was very good and spicier than expected… and it was a good kind of spicy.  The tortilla strips were stale and chewy and the corn and black bean mix did not taste fresh.  I will not be finishing this salad.”

matt salad matt salad 2

I ended up leaving and going down the street to a local Shell station that has a restaurant/deli in it to get a salad.  I left the salad out in case my boss wanted to look at it.  She ended up taking pictures and by the time I got back to my desk, a few people around the office had already heard about it.  😛  Bad news does travel quick and it’s going to go a lot further than the vendor if this was their idea of “fresh food”.


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