Breakfast Blunders

Me 2I have a real problem consistently eating breakfast in the mornings. I know there is a multitude of reasons that I should and I can do well for a few days or even ten but the moment I skip it one morning I’m of the wagon for a while. I’m not sure if any of you have this issue but it is quite the problem for me.

I think one of my main issues is that I don’t like most breakfast foods so even if food was made for me or offered to me I would decline it because I’m just not a muffin, bagel, over easy eggs kind of gal.

Second issue is I don’t think I give myself enough time in the morning to fix something I would like to eat which translates into me needing to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier. *ugh* I am going to try this, this next week wish me all the luck in the world because I will need it.

Third, I need easy, yummy, quick, Tena breakfast food. So off to the store I shall go to find vittles that suit what I would like for breakfast.136201188

I have a couple of recipes that I’ve fixed recently that I adore like this Smoked Salmon on Toast.

I like it with a little plain cream cheese and pepper on the toast. It is also really good (and a bit heartier) if you add some red onions, baby spinach and capers (you could even add an egg).


I also found that a small diced golden potato with baby spinach and onion to be a decent breakfast too and it worked well to stick with me until lunch. I use a little minced garlic and some curry powder to make this aromatic and palate pleasing. Spinach and new potato curry recipe 1

I want to try out some sort of hash for breakfast. This kale & chorizo hash caught my eye as did a kale and sweet potato hash, but I think the chorizo may get the first test run.

I’m going to push myself into the habit of prepping ingredients at night so the morning is just a matter of cooking. That way no excuses when time is short.


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