47 Shocking Food Fact – Lean It Up!

Sorry we fell off the map. Illness, travel and budding romance had us pulled in different directions but we are back on track today (it started with 8 Ways to Win At Weight Loss) and until we can bring you our latest food findings from the world at large we bring you some fun and fantastic facts from Lean it up!

Tonic water glows azure blue under a black light; bananas are berries, while strawberries and raspberries aren’t; and Chipotle uses 70 avocados to whip up a single batch of guacamole. Fact, fact, fact.

We’ve compiled our inaugural list of obscure, perplexing, research-backed food facts, stuffed from start-to-finish with 47 shocking tidbits that’ll send rainbow confetti spewing out of your noggin. Whip out a few at your next cocktail party and you might even impress a few friends — it’s amazing how much about food and nutrition you didn’t know.

47 Shocking Food, Health, & Nutrition Facts That’ll Blow Rainbow Confetti Out Of Your Noggin


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