The Trade Off

Me 237lbs. I have lost 37 pounds… that’s the equivalent of a four year old child. So I’ve basically lost a person… it’s a small person, but I’ve lost one all the same. I think back on those weeks or months where I “only” lost a pound (or less) and how discouraging that felt and smile now. Losing weight is a lot like saving money. Two dollars feels like so little by itself and at the time, but if you make enough of those two dollar deposits in your savings account you eventually have a hundred.

The road to this result was an interesting one, many things had to change in my own headspace before results happened.

I had to give up being lazy.

This is not in regards to exercise either (we’ll get into that in another post) this is about food.Lazy garfield-fb-1358549977

Fish sticks out of the freezer, macaroni and cheese out of a box, green beans out of a can and biscuits from a tube are easy… it’s also almost complete garbage from a nutritional standpoint (thank the gods for those green beans right?)

I had to say, “Tena get off your duff, buy some lean protein, some whole grains, fresh produce and cook it. It won’t kill you… but continuing to eat like crap just might.”

potential-copy 2

I had to give up instant gratification.

I had the worst habit of whining about being overweight as I continued to stuff processed foods and out to eat crud in my face… man I’d love to lose ten pounds… grab me a loaded omelet biscuit from Hardee’s on your way in.  Boy I’m sick of being tired all the time… *pours second bowl of Honeycombs*.
Food is tasty. Bad food is REALLY tasty and it makes you “happy” for all of 20 minutes while you are stuffing your face. Bliss can be found in a in a Krispy crème donut with an iced mocha latte from Star-schmucks… but it’s a short lived bliss that will have you falling into a food coma at your desk within the hour.

I had to give up following the crowd.

I had to be willing to be the lone soldier. When everyone was piling in a car or two, to go consume Crowd controlmass quantities at a local fast food eatery for the second or third time in a work week and I let them go. When you do things like this you’ll get looks, snide remarks and a whole host of other things but it’ll be okay. If you think about it, lunch is almost forgotten the instant you return to work. How many times have you seriously thought about lunch after 3 o’clock? Or any meal for that matter, later in the day? You really don’t, so when you decide not to eat crap you only “miss it” for a few minutes and life goes on. Which means any feelings you might have about not getting the latest in greasy calorie laden goodness will disappear in short order.

People always say “wow you’ve given up a lot.” It may seem that way but it’s not a lot, and even if it was, it’s always a nice feeling and its hella productive to give up a bad habit.

All of my clothes are baggy on me, I can get back into several of my “cute” outfits and I have energy to live life, no more feeling like I have to sit and “rest” all day… it was a good trade most


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