5 Ways to Get Rid of Cravings in 15 Minutes or Less

1. Go For A Walk

Hitting a treadmill for 15 minutes significantly improves the odds that you’ll be able to resist reaching for a sugary snack. It’s the latest research to suggest that a short bout of moderately intense exercise can help people regulate food intake.

2. Sip Flavored Drinks

A glass of water infused with flavors such as mint, cucumber, basil, even pomegranate is refreshing and can satisfy a food urge without any calories. Just avoid beverages that are artificially sweetened. Some research suggests that these make sugar cravings worse.

3.  Play A Video Game (YEA! Right, Tena?!)

Finally, Words With Friends might have an actual use. A study showed that when one group of research monkeys (I mean, research participants) was instructed to play Tetris; the other watched a computer program load. Afterward, the Tetris group reported significantly lower cravings. The visuals from the video game may have offset the visual image of the food that was craved, researchers theorized. In other words: out of sight, out of mind.

4.  Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger is a traditional palate cleanser that helps fight the lingering urge for something sweet, and it can help you fend off sugar cravings, too. Throw some ginger and lemon slices into hot water or make ginger tea.

5.  Take A Break

Stop by a coworker’s desk for a gossip session, wash the dishes, finish an e-mail, call your mom. Getting a change of scenery and occupying yourself with a mindless task can test if the craving just comes from boredom (in which case it will likely pass).


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