Easy Ways to Burn Calories

Drink coffee.  Caffeine can help boost calorie burn for up to 3 hours. Not into coffee? Try tea.

Hold (un)steady. Using a stability ball can kill 260 more daily cals than parking your butt in a chair.

Go Paleo-lite. Cut carbs 2 days a week. Odds are, you’ll lose more than full-time devotees.

Grab some gum. Chew to thwart snacking. Translation: You’ll likely eat up to 10% less.

Turn down for what?! The room temperature sweet spot for melting fat: a cool 64°F.

Order Thai.  Spices in this tasty grub can spike your metabolism by 23%.

Take a day off.  Strength training twice a week versus thrice a week can yield the same muscle.

Stay sane.  Stressed women work off about 104 fewer calories than those who are calm.

Skip the second.  Knocking back two beers may slow fat blasting by 73%.

Get fidgety.  Tapping your feet or pacing can burn hundreds more cals than being still.

Sweat for less.  Just 10 minutes of moderate exercise helps rev metabolism for an hour.


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