Benefits of Cutting Back On Sugar

Your heart will do a happy dance.

Within a few weeks, you might expect to see a 10% decrease in LDL cholesterol and a 20 to 30% decrease in triglycerides. Your BP would head in the right direction too.

You won’t have to borrow your teen’s acne cream.

Systemic inflammation is a known acne trigger.

You’ll sidestep diabetes.

Eating added sugar promotes the buildup of fatty deposits around your liver. These contribute to insulin resistance and undermine the work done by your pancreas.

You won’t have to fake-smile.

A Columbia University study found women who eat a diet high in added sugars and refined grains are more likely to experience anxiety, irritability, and mood swings.

You’ll sleep when you’re supposed to (for a change).

Give up added sugar, and you should be more awake and alert during the day, and also better prepared to catch some Z’s come bedtime.

You’ll finally lose that extra 10 pounds.

Scaling back your sugar habit by 200 calories a day could help you drop 10 pounds in five to six months. Now that’s sweet!


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