Nothing in Life is Free – Artificial Sugars Are a No Go

Me 2It seems perfect doesn’t it? All the tongue pleasing yumminess of sugar but no calories. It’s a soda lovers dream come true… only it isn’t. It can be a physiological and psychological nightmare. I have seen a lot of people suffer from this (myself included) so I thought I’d share.

Nothing like having no idea why your body is craving something or behaving a certain way. Now you will know.

Artificial Sweeteners Cause Metabolic Confusion

One of the reasons why artificial sweeteners do not help you lose weight relates to the fact that your body is not fooled by sweet taste without accompanying calories.2,3

When you eat something sweet, your brain releases dopamine, which activates your brain’s reward center. The appetite-regulating hormone leptin is also released, which eventually informs your brain that you are “full” once a certain amount of calories have been ingested.

However, when you consume something that tastes sweet but doesn’t contain any calories, your brain’s pleasure pathway still gets activated by the sweet taste, but there’s nothing to deactivate it, since the calories never arrive.

Artificial sweeteners basically trick your body into thinking that it’s going to receive sugar (calories), but when the sugar doesn’t come, your body continues to signal that it needs more, which results in carb cravings.

Besides worsening insulin sensitivity and promoting weight gain, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners also promote other health problems associated with excessive sugar consumption, including:

    • Cardiovascular disease and stroke4,5,6
    • Alzheimer’s disease. While poor diet is a major driver of Alzheimer’s in general (the primary culprits being sugar/fructose and grains, especiallygluten), the key mechanism of harm here appears to be methanol toxicity—a much-ignored problem associated with aspartame in particular.

In a previous interview, toxicology expert Dr. Woodrow Monte (author of the book While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills7), explains the links between aspartame and methanol toxicity and the formation of toxic formaldehyde.

******   Read More HERE and HERE   ******

You don’t have to take my word or any word for that matter. Just look around you. How many truly fit people do you see drinking diet coke or eating food made with artificial sweeteners?  You won’t see no-artificial-sweeteners11-590x483many and in some cases you won’t see any. You well see a variety of overweight and struggling people doing this. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems and bad knees. You won’t see a 130lb woman that jogs in the morning ordering a diet coke. Just like you won’t see a 180lb man that works construction eating Sugar Free Snack Wells. It’s boxed and marketed garbage that belongs in the trash.

If all of this sugar free, fat free stuff “worked” and was “healthy” all of us on the diet roller coaster would be fit and trim by now instead of embarking on yet another year of “trying to get thinner” . Food for thought.


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