Me 2So April is off to a decent start with getting in shape and getting off my duff more. I’ve been tracking my steps and logging my exercise and calories with Lose It! I am a much bigger fan of this application than My Fitness Pal. Cheaper (if you go in for the premium $30 a year versus $50 a year) it has more features in the free and paid versions in comparison to My Fitness Pal plus a more user friendly interface equals win, win, win in my book.

Soft PretzelNow let me tell you about yesterday… BEWARE THE SOFT BREAD PRETZEL and MARGARITA MONDAYS.

I know that sounds silly but these two things were my downfall yesterday.

5:30pm comes around and I still have 1,100 calories left out of my 1722 allotted for the day. Feeling good and feeling spry, I decided to try this soft bread pretzel of uber tasty goodness one of my fellow foodie friends was raving about. In the car I go with the hubby and off to our local watering hole we drove. An order of these things consists of two pretzels roughly the size of my fist and a half cup of beer cheese.

Now the pretzel may have been an issue in and of itself at 388 caloriesfriday-the-13th-reboot-planned-for-2015-149618-a-1385536466-470-75 *ouch* but if the pretzel was a stalker then the drink was killer. *insert Friday the 13th music here* I tend to drink a vodka cranberry (clocks in about 175 calories) or beer or (About 145 calories) so this is where my mind was when the waitress told us about Margarita Monday… margarita mix is loaded with sugar… it was a bad d

A Margarita breaks down like this – 10 oz Margarita – 550 Calories (4 oz. tequila, 4 oz. margarita/sour mix, 2 oz. triple sec, lime juice, 1 tsp. sugar) YIKES!!!

So between the Pretzel, the drink and the beer cheese (yeah that’s stuffs about 150 calories in 4 tablespoons) I was sunk. One hour long pit stop later and I had 147 calories left and hadn’t had dinner yet >.< Let’s just say dinner was really light and I took a 45 minute walk before bed and was still 200+ over.

Lessoned learned but it was a wakeup call. It also shed some light on my past eating habits. There was a time when I’d have went in for both of those pretzels and a couple of drinks without much thought… this explains a lot. It explains about 30 lbs ^_^



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