What Does Work

Some information Taken from an article on BodyRock.tv

superfoods What  DOES  work for weight loss?

 Well, that is a bit of a complicated question, given that we are all different and enter our weight loss journeys from different starting points but there are a few things that tend to work across the board:

Portion control: Eating a healthy meal doesn’t mean you can stop paying attention to  how much you are eating. Invest in a food scale and be sure to measure your portions before serving. Once you get into this practice, you will be able to gauge what you are eating by sight, keeping your calorie intake under control. If you find it hard to get over the mental hurdle of smaller portions, try serving your meals on smaller plates, giving the illusion of more food and making it easier to feel satisfied.

Now I’m not much into weighing food on a scale but this makes a lot of sense. Just because you are eating grilled chicken and wholegrain pasta does not mean you can have three helpings. Yes, technically, you can but it’s not going to help you toward your goal. Don’t use healthy as a reason to gorge yourself.

Eat more fiber and protein: Fiber and protein are wonderful weight loss helpers. They fill you up quickly and both help you to stay feeling fuller, longer. They slow digestion which helps regulate your blood sugar levels, preventing the need/desire for those afternoon trips to the office vending machine.

This has been so very very true for me over the last two months and over 15 pounds lost. I took a lot of carbs out of my diet and replaced them with nutritionally dense sources of protein and fiber. (Think Black Beans, Broccoli, Lentils, Eggs, Salmon, Nuts and Brussels Sprouts) Also adding flaxseeds to your diet is a great thing as well. You can slip this tasteless additive into almost anything (sauces, stews, smoothies, etc.) and never know it… I do this to my family all the time. ^_^

Eat “real” food:  Try to eat food as close to its natural state as possible. Refined and processed foods offer little in the way of nutritional value. Foods that are labelled as being “low-fat” or “low-calorie” are often loaded with added sugar and additives to make them taste better. Why should you put your body through all of that artificial stuff when you can get whole, fresh foods that taste even better? Stick to the outer aisles at the grocery store: that’s produce, meat and dairy.

I know fish sticks are yummy (I personally used to go in for ten at a time and I love them

Mrs Pauls

Mrs. Paul’s Fish Sticks

with mac and cheese) but from a nutritional standpoint they are absolute garbage! It’s just high calorie, high salt, breaded


Progresso Bread Crumbs… That’s a lot of ingredients for bread crumbs… and 2 kinds of sugar. 

junk with sugar… yes there is sugar in your fish sticks (most processed foods are full of it even when you don’t “taste” it. This isn’t to say you can never have fish sticks just don’t make them a diet staple… and don’t eat them 10 at a time. Your waistline and your arteries will thank you.


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