About Us

Sound familiar? You know you’ve put on some weight but it can’t be that bad right? You brave stepping on the scale only to realize it is that bad… actually its worse. The pounds have packed on. Nothing really fits right. You have more close in your “loose size” than in your actual size and come to think of it your “actual size” has slowly eeked up over the past few years into a not so comfortable set of double digits for us ladies and a waist size four inches or more wider for you gents.

So now what?


Sounds good right? Eat all you want lose weight popping some pills with little to no exercise? Or how about just drink this lemonade pepper water for three weeks and loose 20lbs (as well as you mind). How about two shakes a day and a sensible dinner? Or my favorite, order high dollar pre portioned and packaged meals that smell like warm rubber with bad clam poured sauce over it. Each 4 ounce meal will run you about $15 dollars and you will lose weight (as well as your financial stability and your mind may go with this one too). Any of this sound familiar to you or like you? Yeah well it was us too so don’t feel alone. We’ve done low calorie, low impact, low carb and everything in between until all it has left us with is low self-esteem and broken dreams… but all was not lost.

We started reading. Not weight loss books (even though we did read a few) but we started reading what we were eating. Knowledge is power right? We spent months gaining power and we started sharing that power with each other in this struggle with weight and overall health.

Fish Sticks… crap food right? Indeed it is, but if you look at it, the fact that its processed freezer fodder isn’t its only issue. It has a ton of added sugar.

Have you ever cooked fish, fresh fish yourself, and added sugar? Chances are outside of a special glaze of some sort you didn’t and you know why? FISH DOESN’T NEED SUGAR!

Everywhere we turned and on every label we read we saw unnecessary sugars, dyes, and chemicals being added to everything.

First off, let’s bring to light what sugar can do to your body. This sweet substance can bring on a slew of health problems, a few of which are major issues common among those who like to overindulge. The big two would be diabetes and obesity.

By 2014 the four of us were either both of those things or so close to it we could touch it (can anyone say borderline diabetic for the crowd?)

So after getting wise and tossing out the junk and getting back into eating real food things started to change. It was a slow change but it was a positive change and so begins our story.

We are on a journey (Don’t Stop Believin’) and we’re inviting you along for the ride.


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