Much like many others I thought I had a food curse or hex… What else could explain being ok on a diet and then suddenly, out of nowhere, finding myself elbow deep in a box of cereal, large orange soda in the couch cup holder, remote in hand as I settled into another round of sitting on my duff and stuffing my face. Why? Because I’d fallen out of good habits and face first (mouth open mind you) into bad ones.

A sedentary lifestyle settled over me in 2006 and in three yeMe 2ars I’d put on a solid 30 pounds that stayed with me minus the usual fluctuations. By 2013 I found myself at my heaviest weight ever and more than 70 Pounds away from the 140 pound person I use to/wanted to be. Yeah I topped the big TWO-OH-OH (something I swore I’d never let happen) as my weight creeped into 180’s I did nothing, I hit the 190’s and swore I’d change my ways…. It took hitting almost 220 for me to actually do something about it.


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