Recovery Time: BBQ Reset

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. When it comes to this particular holiday, it is as synonymous with BBQ’s and picnics as it is with independence and fireworks.

BBQ blurb-bbqAnymore, the average person has at least 2 large social events to attend where there will be a parade of and virtual smorgasbord of hot-dogs, hamburgers, sweet and saucy meats of all kinds, potato salad, pies, cakes and cookies (possibly in the shape of liberty bells and flags). That list alone is enough to make most tummies grumble with hunger but on to my point.

Chances are you didn’t eat the best or exercise the most over the last four days.
Don’t beat yourself up over it if that’s the case, it’s fine, actually this is closer to how it’s supposed to go in life. There is absolutely no reason why you can indulge at times when it comes to the foods you loveā€¦ as long as it doesn’t kick off or restart a bad habit.

Don’t let a couple of days of indulgence turn into two weeks of indulgence.
There are some easy ways to rest the clock when it comes to eating.

Water, being numero uno.

After all the soda, tea, beer, lemonade, etc. Getting back into the swing of making water your main beverage will go a long way.

The protein and veggie mix.

Everyone has a high protein and veggie meal that they like even if they don’t consider it a “protein and veggie” meal. Mine would be Steak with spinach and/or asparagus. Toss in a slice of watermelon for that sweet fix and you won’t feel like you’re missing out or eating healthy.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Sleep, it’s the one thing most of us are most likely to skimp on instead of indulge in.Sleeping-woman

Getting a good nights sleep will make a lot of things easier. You won’t be up late enough to get the night time munchies. When you wake up rested, you are more likely to get up earlier and have time to pack your lunch. Even if you don’t pack, a clear, well rested mind makes better decisions than a groggy one.

These are just a few things on a long list of options.

Again, I hope you guys and gals had a wonderful holiday. I’ll see you again soon.