Recovery Time: BBQ Reset

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. When it comes to this particular holiday, it is as synonymous with BBQ’s and picnics as it is with independence and fireworks.

BBQ blurb-bbqAnymore, the average person has at least 2 large social events to attend where there will be a parade of and virtual smorgasbord of hot-dogs, hamburgers, sweet and saucy meats of all kinds, potato salad, pies, cakes and cookies (possibly in the shape of liberty bells and flags). That list alone is enough to make most tummies grumble with hunger but on to my point.

Chances are you didn’t eat the best or exercise the most over the last four days.
Don’t beat yourself up over it if that’s the case, it’s fine, actually this is closer to how it’s supposed to go in life. There is absolutely no reason why you can indulge at times when it comes to the foods you love… as long as it doesn’t kick off or restart a bad habit.

Don’t let a couple of days of indulgence turn into two weeks of indulgence.
There are some easy ways to rest the clock when it comes to eating.

Water, being numero uno.

After all the soda, tea, beer, lemonade, etc. Getting back into the swing of making water your main beverage will go a long way.

The protein and veggie mix.

Everyone has a high protein and veggie meal that they like even if they don’t consider it a “protein and veggie” meal. Mine would be Steak with spinach and/or asparagus. Toss in a slice of watermelon for that sweet fix and you won’t feel like you’re missing out or eating healthy.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Sleep, it’s the one thing most of us are most likely to skimp on instead of indulge in.Sleeping-woman

Getting a good nights sleep will make a lot of things easier. You won’t be up late enough to get the night time munchies. When you wake up rested, you are more likely to get up earlier and have time to pack your lunch. Even if you don’t pack, a clear, well rested mind makes better decisions than a groggy one.

These are just a few things on a long list of options.

Again, I hope you guys and gals had a wonderful holiday. I’ll see you again soon.



I’m loving this thing! I admit, when they first came out I thought they were another pointless gimmicky gadget. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong. In a matter of days I’ve fallen in love with a little device about the size of small watch that tells me everything from how long (and how well) I slept to how many steps and flights of stairs I’ve done for the day. It reminds me to move, it monitors my heart rate, and it’s a great little wondrous thing!


I chose the CHARGE HR (pictured in purple above) which I consider the upper middle class of the available FitBit devices since it has five types “below” it and two “above” it when it comes to price and function. This device syncs up with Lose It (which is a major plus for me) and I find all of the associated apps and computer interfaces very user friendly.

Bottom line – Was it $149 dollars well spent?

I say yes. We live in a world where spending money on makeup, concert tickets, video games, happy hour, a sale at Macy’s and out to eat food is more acceptable than dropping some cash on something that helps you improve your health. Leaving something like this to be frowned upon, laughed at or both.stay well

The same people that were cool when I told them that I spent $300 on clothing last fall (because I had “outgrown” most of my wardrobe) blanched when I gave the price of this device… funny how that works. The same crowd that says they can’t afford a FitBit spend $40-$60 dollars a week on fast food that doesn’t even feed them all day.

Beware the saboteurs they live in every corner.

I say this because just as if you’d made a life change for the worst… like smoking crack, obsessive gambling or selling drugs your friends will alter and shift when you make a life change for the better as well. Change is change and not everybody is on board with that. By nature, most humans abhor change and rile against it. That’s one of the many reasons why making a positive change is so difficult, that and the fact that bad habits tend to be easier.

avoid tv foodsMicrowaving fish sticks and tater tots is infinitely more simple than chopping up veggies and roasting chicken.

But your easy will come. It will just come in a different form. It’ll become easier to show off those arms, it’ll be easier to find and wear a swimsuit, It’ll be easier to get fitted for a tux for that family members wedding, it’ll be easier to strut around in that cocktail dress, it’ll be easier to climb those stairs, it’ll be easier to keep up with that sporty friend that’s always hiking, biking, climbing, etc. (You know that one you’ve always secretly admired but never thought you could hang out much with… well now you can.) It’ll be easier to just exist.  Carrying extra weight is not the end all of end alls but it can make living life more difficult (airplane seats, roller-coaster rides, paying 2-3 extra dollars per shirt because of the larger size, pool parties, group photos…. the list goes on, but it ends at just the overall feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin.)

Let’s all give positive change a chance so we can love the skin we’re in.